Our Perspective

Adventures, insight, creativity, and the pursuit of caffeinated beverages! 

 Where do we go from here?

Boss babe business woman, flow artist and fire spinner, Lindsay Hebert and TV personality, Inspirational speaker, and actress Juliet Lemar have been best friends for over a decade. Listen in to new weekly episodes as we talk about the things that inspire, connect, define, and make us all human beings. Juliet and Lindsay share their unique experiences, backgrounds, and ah-ha moments surrounding navigating life, staying sane, and trying to make the world a better place.

But who are we anyway?

Lindsay and Juliet met during college in 2008. The pair worked together at a local gymnastics studio and quickly became inseparable. Both now reside in the city of Los Angeles, Lindsay hangs out in Highland Park and Juliet is on the beautiful coast in Santa Monica. With the two girls coming from extremely different back grounds they are able to bring their own unique perspectives and personality to the topics discussed. The podcast is based around what these women encounter on a daily basis. Come along for the journey while these two explore life and learn what it takes to be a better human. 


Juliet Lemar



Lindsay Hebert