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Episode 11: You are amazing. Period. with Sera Alper

Updated: May 14, 2019

Sera started a company called PMSBOX. PMSBOX is a 1 for 1 subscription service for menstrual products in hopes to end period poverty around the world. (Think Toms shoes but for your period!!)

Sera sits down with us to talk all things period. We talk about our first times getting our periods and how we felt. Growing up in Turkey, Sera saw period poverty from a young age. We talk about what inspires her to work so hard and what drove her to create PMSBOX. What a badass business babe! PMSBOX's goal is to make menstrual products available to everyone, even if you can't afford it! The company has already given back in 3 countries and plans to expand more in the coming year. Not too shabby for someone who started in November of 2018. Check out their curated period boxes that will equip you to have your best period ever. Don't forget.... You are amazing. PERIOD.

Info on Period Poverty:


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