• Lindsay Hebert

Episode 14: Beyond Meat vs. The Impossible Burger

Beyond Meat vs. the Impossible Burger

Alright, we know we're complicated. We both have pretty restricted diets but this new discovery at a local Del Taco was an exciting find for both of us! Being able to stop late at night in a bind is always so hard for both of us but THANK YOU DEL TACO now serving Beyond Meat- we think nationwide? Let us know if we’re wrong?

Alright so this lead us to wonder, what’s the difference between the Impossible Burger- available at Carl’s Jr and Burger King and Beyond meat- now available as a substitute at Del Taco.

Well we found some things.

Why eat meat alternatives?

Ok these Burgers are trendy, we get it…. But are they actually good for you?

Where can I buy these meats?

Beyond Meat:

Impossible Burger:

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