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Episode 16: Assuming Positive Intent

Co Host Ella the dog joins us today. She will bark in the episode- Sorry she was completely indecisive about wanting to be inside or outside.

Now, on to the episode!

City Targets Suck!

Make sure to listen to Juliet’s hilarious story about how Target has it out for her dog Lucy!

Juliet has a new hate for her local City Target.

What is a city target? It’s the smallest strangest Target ever. A smaller version of the greatest store ever? Ok maybe we are being a little over dramatic? Probably? Anyhow- we don’t care for them.

Today we are talking about Positive Intent!

So what the heck is Positive intent?

Here is a great explanation of Positive Intent!

“assuming positive intent in the workplace means consciously choosing to assume that our co-workers are operating to the best of their ability, and are acting with the best interest of the company and their colleagues in mind. It means when we are presented with a situation in which we might feel attacked or criticized, we have to take a step back and look at it from a new angle. It also means that what feels like a very real threat may be someone actually trying to help us grow and be more successful - to believe that the person speaking has no hidden agenda.”

Don’t take something simple to a personal level!

Assuming positive intent helps you to control that natural emotional response.

What are the hardest situations to assume positive intent? For us, its via emails and text messages.

This hits us the hardest when we are at work! Getting that half typed out text from your boss or another co worker can bring up emotions that have nothing to do with your job at all.

So assuming positive intent can help to rewire your brain. Thinking positive isn’t always easy, but its necessary!

Take the moral high group my assuming positive intent: This is so much easier said than done!

How does this apply to friendships or other relationships outside of work?

Answer- its even harder!

You can dwell on these feelings, or talk to the person who you feel wronged by.


Dude Bro: This story is kind of frustrating for me(Lindsay).

This guy was egging people on during a party- listen in for the full story of how Joel’s Summer Camp party turned us onto discussing Positive Intent today!

How does Juliet combat emotional response:

LEAVE IT! Just give yourself a few moments before responding. Sometimes you will get more information a few moments after getting a crazy email or text!

Don’t assume: “I KNOW this person, so I KNOW what they are feeling”

What about Lindsay?

Look away, take a break or take a few deep breaths. The breaths are my favorite. Clear your mind- Use those meditation strategies!

Don’t think about it. Move on for a moment or focus on something else.

Remember: "You dont know who you are until you know your effect on other people."

If you think you know yourself, but people are not receiving you the way they should be..... it might be something that you are doing that makes them feel a certain way.

You have to be constantly looking at your actions. Audit yourself! You are the IRS of your own emotions! $$$ Cash in on that :)

Be the person you wish to see in the world!

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