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Episode 17: Summertime Travel Tips

Summer Travel:

Summer is coming! Its spring… but in Los Angeles its basically already summer. Its hot and we love it

Traveling is our favorite thing to do! Doesn’t matter where we go, we just want to do it.

But what are the best tips and tricks that we use to calm us before a flight or make sure we can pack absolutely every outfit that we desire to bring. Let’s start with flights!


Flying during the middle of the week will more than likely cheaper and easier!

DON’T fly on holidays

What about one way tickets? Check on two one way flights!

Juliet hates Southwest

- “Sorry not sorry I want to pick my seat”

Planes are the emptiest on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and SATURDAYS!

What about Upgrades?

- Well we found that basically don’t exist anymore because of membership cards and what not L


Who here is a great packer? Do you fold or roll your clothes?

What does Lindsay Use?


Where can I buy them:

These are great! You can section out your stuff so its all easy to find!

2. Try to bring a Carry-on- This can be challenging on long trips! Lindsay swears by those packing cubes to properly organize!

Carry on anything too big to get into your bag- example: those giant coats you have to bring when traveling? Now they are your plane blanket! Also those boots you’re packing- those are also your plane shoes J

3. Weird packing tips:

a. Shoes can go into shower caps or plastic bags

b. Store things in your shoes? Lindsay puts perfume bottles or even an aerosol cans!

c. Bringing a hat? Use that Tetris space!

d. Traveling with toiletries? Open up anything liquid or oil based and put a plastic bag in between the lid and the actual product

e. NECKLACES: Use straws!

f. Pack light- meaning use your outfits can all be mis-matched and moved around. Make one pair of jeans work for casual daytime and a night time outfit!


Weirder ones available here:

4. Prior to travel do these things:


b. Facemasks? Do them before you leave instead of bringing them with you- save that space girl!

Scared of Flying?

We talk about Juliet’s traumatic flying experience and why she not HATES flying.

Do planes just fall out of the sky? NO

- simple answer is no, planes don’t just fall out of the sky because of turbulence. They just don’t. You are hitting wind currents people! Lindsay thinks about the bumps on a plane like bumps in the road. They are going to happen so just don’t worry too much about them.

Warning: If you are scared of flying don’t listen to Min 28-30 because air pockets are scary…

Calm yourself for a flight:

1. Listen to relaxing music

a. Juliet loves listening to this album by Beck:

2. Herbal Relaxation: Gava Gava is what Juliet loves!

3. Essential Oils- Thanks to Melina Charis’ Blog!

a. All the lavender oil

4. Hoodies: be comfy!

Check out this article:

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