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We are so overjoyed to partner with these companies! Please support our sponsors like they support us! 

Red Bear Roastery! Our favorite coffee beans ever! This micro-roastery creates the freshest coffee beans delivered to your door! Click the image for the website and use our code OFFTOPIC for 10% off!

Psssst Local LA/OC delivery available


Audible allows you to download and LISTEN to your favorite books or new fresh finds!

Click the link in the image to the left to get a FREE 30-day Trial and a credit to download the audio book of your choice! 

That's right no matter what, you get a free audiobook download!

Dazey LA is what they like to call 'slow fashion'. It's art apparel with a mission to empower women through conversation and community.

Click the image to go to the website and use our code CLEARLYOFFTOPIC to save some dollars!

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